Sunset musings II

Sunset musings II

Staring at this sunset a few nights ago, I felt nothing but wholeness. I walked out onto the balcony of my summer apartment complex, only looking to be greeted by a rainbow sherbet sky but was given so much more clarity than I had expected.
The crisp evening air was shrouded with rosy iridescence, and a feeling of wholeness colored my face a deep magenta. Life is simple here, easier. While classes can seem to drag on, work is a necessary evil, and extracurriculars can make me want to grind my teeth, it is in these brief moments of simplicity during the golden hour of each day when I feel at peace once again.

I watch as the light dances on my fingertips leaning against the balcony railing, cherishing the crisp ocean air before I return to my beige-colored bedroom I share with my boyfriend this summer. The last warm breath of the sun permeates my being as I walk through our doorway and kiss him on the cheek. I am home.

It is at this moment when I feel a spark calling to me; as dramatic as it may seem, I feel an urge to write once more. I have been struggling with the deepest writers block since my freshman year of college and I need to start again. But where to begin?

This is the first post of a blog I created two years ago. Here I will share my thoughts in an online diary format. Welcome & enjoy.



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