OOTD: Disneyland 60th Anniversary

OOTD: Disneyland 60th Anniversary

This past weekend, I went to Disneyland with my boyfriend, Chris, and his cousin, Aaron! It was the 60th anniversary celebration and we were beyond excited to see all of the new sights, events, and treats the park had to offer! Oddly enough, nearly all of the clothing items and accessories I wore were borrowed/gifts (oops!).

Starting at the top: my hat borrowed from Chrisit is a fedora he purchased while on vacation in Greece last summer, but similar, inexpensive ones can be found here.
The brown crossbody bag is borrowed from my old roommate, Eliana! She purchased it at H&M a few seasons ago, but similar styles can be found online or in-store.


My dress is a gift from Chris’s mother! She said she bought it from Abercrombie & Fitch with me in mind and she gave it to me the night before the tripbecause of the light fabric and white color, I thought it would be perfect for Disneyland! I can’t find it anymore online, but a very similar one can be found here. The dress is open-back, so underneath it I am wearing a white Roxy eyelet bralette, purchased at PacSun two years ago. I couldn’t find it on the website, but here is a very similar one from Abercrombie & Fitch! 🙂
In the photo above, you can just barely see my earrings. They are long, dainty, silver ones with faux diamonds. I can’t remember exactly where I got them, but ones with a very similar style are on Etsy!
My shoes (pictured in the top photo) are brown gladiator sandals from Wal Mart (I stole them from my mom, hehe).
We had such a wonderful time exploring the park! It was very warm, but nice and cool in the shade. Chris bought us all Dole whips, which was so sweet (literally!) and they cooled us off in the hot sun. My favorite rides were Space Mountain and Indiana Jones! They are so exhilarating; I don’t think Aaron, liked the fast rides very much, but overall he seemed to enjoy himself! Chris wanted to ride the Finding Nemo submarines and I wanted to ride Peter Pan, but we just didn’t manage to have the time to do everything we wanted in only one day. Oh well, I guess that means we need to plan another trip!

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