Productivity in July

Productivity in July

Yesterday evening was a typical productive Tuesday night spent in my apartment. I had a two-and-a-half-hour shift at work before my meeting with our News Editor, Gilberto, and then met Chris for a bit before he had lab. After I came home at 5, I relaxed for a couple hours before realizing that I should probably be getting some work done. Luckily, what began as a lazy evening turned into a very proactive one! 
A majority of my night was spent working on my EMBTA internship for the English department here at UCSB. I read about one of the plays I have been collecting media for and catalogued some information onto the website as well. I then took the opportunity to go through my past items catalogued to make sure I was formatting everything correctly and inputting the correct information in the correct places, being cautious of errors and correcting them as I went through the site. A snapshot of the administrative back end of the website is seen above! I really enjoy working on EMBTA and I am happy that this research internship is something I can continue to do in the Fall (and this time, I can get units for it!). 
While working, I made myself some hot water with lemon. It was absolutely delicious! I am a big fan of lemon so the tartness did not bother me. It made me feel so refreshed and relaxed. Here is a picture of my drink, alongside our succulent friend (Chris and I have kept it alive!) and a candle I took from my parents’ house when I visited Ventura earlier this month (only two of the three wicks are lit; I almost burned myself trying to light the third and chickened out). 
After cataloging, I edited an article for the paper. This time, it was coverage of the #ShellNo rally at Goleta Beach this past weekend. Check it out here! It took a while to edit because it was such a long piece, but it turned out very well and the photos are fantastic, so it is definitely worth a read. While editing, I made Chris some ramen for dinner so it was ready by the time he got home from lab at around 9:20. He surprised me with a bottle of Thai tea from the co-op! It was so sweet and thoughtful of him because he knew I wanted it, and I plan to drink it later this morning.
After editing, I relaxed for a little bit and took a shower before getting back to work! This time, I had to take a look at an article about the University’s recent purchase of the Tropicana buildings that is currently in the works. It’s going pretty well and I am eager to publish!
A little while later, I got ready for bed and listened to the audiobook I am currently working on: My Paris Dream by Kate Betts. It is so good! I am halfway done with it and it is taking me a while to finish, since I seem to be keeping myself pretty busy this summer, but I am loving it. It is about a woman who pursues  a career in journalism in Paris after graduating college, so it is definitely up my alley. I love memoirs ever since I took Professor Lim’s memoir writing class during Spring quarter! Definitely recommend if you are interested in nonfiction writing or self-reflection. 
This evening was so productive and relaxing at the same time! I know this post took more of a diary format, but I am really enjoying using this blog to sometimes reflect on my days. I will be publishing a post later this evening about the products and delicious treats I have been loving this summer, so be on the lookout for that if you are at all interested. If you stayed reading until the end, thank you. 🙂 

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