Weekend Wrap-up: July 25-26

Weekend Wrap-up: July 25-26

This weekend, Chris and I celebrated 15 months together by going to the movies and having dinner at a local shopping center! We planned to catch a 4:10 PM showing of Ant Man before eating sushi. But before seeing the movie, we stopped at Costco for a snack! We hadn’t really eaten lunch, so we split a Caesar salad and a churro (which I mostly ate, hehe). Afterwards, we walked across the parking lot to the movie theater. The movie was so good! I think Paul Rudd did pretty well; it was a different role for him, especially since most of the movies I have seen him star in have been comedies, but he let his humorous side show through, while still managing to convey his character’s tough-guy persona. Mine and Chris’s main issue with the movie was the lack of character development by Cross, the main antagonist. I won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say the movie could have focused more on his emotional timeline. Regardless, Ias someone who doesn’t have much superhero background other than the other movies I’ve seendefinitely think it is a movie worth seeing. 
After the movie, we walked over to the sushi restaurant. It was one of those places where you walk up to the counter, order, and pay, and then they bring you your food. Chris’s food is pictured above (minus the miso soup): he ordered a combo meal which included an eight-piece spicy tuna roll (my fave!!), a chef’s choice five-piece sushi, and a bowl of miso soup. I ordered a roll with crab, cucumber, and shrimp tempura inside, and eel and avocado with eel sauce on top. It was a classic choice for me, since I tend to gravitate toward eel and avocado, and I thought it was delicious! 

After dinner, while waiting for our friends Maddie and CJ to pick us up (we missed the bus LOL), Chris and I went inside the supermarket because I wanted to buy Maddie some flowers as a thank-you gesture. Chris ended up buying me flowers too! It was so sweet of him. They even came in a medium-sized mason jar, so we can save it for the next time I get flowers from him (fingers crossed…). 🙂 

Oops… Chris caught me off guard when he took this photo…

Much better 🙂

Today is Sunday, which means…. work day! This morning, I woke up, read some emails, and relaxed before picking up smoothies for  us and a bagel for Chris. Then, I made some breakfast for myself: an english muffin with cream cheese and avocado. After a slow, relaxing morning of half-fun-and-half-newspaper-work, Chris and I decided to leave the apartment to be productive! While he went to the library, I went to Starbucks in search of a work space. 
I made some coffee at home and then got a cup of ice at Starbucks…efficient, delicious, and free!
My little corner table was so nice (as long as I kept my headphones in to block out the world, of course 😉 

I got to work as soon as I sat down, and before I knew it, two hours had passed and I was nearly done with my latest Her Campus assignment! It felt so good to spend this afternoon out of the house and away from distractions. I will link my first piece here once it is published!

We made miso ramen for dinner and I have been relaxing this evening. Will probably do some work for the paper and listen to my book before heading to bed!



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