Weekend Wrap-Up: August 7-9

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 7-9

Chris and I spent this past weekend in Ventura with my family and friends! We had been planning a trip to the Ventura County Fair on August 8, but when our friends (and current summer housemates) Maddie and CJ said they would like to join us, we decided to leave for the trip a few hours earlier in order to catch the fair on Friday, August 7. This day was so fun and definitely one that will go on the list of our many adventures, especially since Chris had never been to a county fair before. 🙂 
Our (cropped and blurry) fair pic! 

CJ suggested that Chris should pose behind this lemon cut-out, and it turned into the cutest pic! 
We hit the best lemonade stand first upon entering the fairgrounds. Chris had said that this is what he wanted immediately, so I made sure to took him to the best stand there! The lemonade was perfectly sweet, with only a slight tart aftertaste, and Chris enjoyed every sip. 
We all walked around the food area of the fair for a while. I got my favorite snack (the Tater Twister) while Chris got a hot dog from Pink’s, a Hollywood-based hot dog joint that has a stand at our fair every year. Afterwards, we went to one of the commercial buildings because Maddie wanted fudge, and Chris ended up buying me some fudge too! It was called “Divinity” and it basically tasted like a whipped marshmallow with walnuts on top. It was absolutely delicious, but I am sad because I forgot the rest of it in my parents’ fridge at home. :/ 
Soon after looking at all the handmade crafts and as-seen-on-TV products, we all went to the livestock section. I sat out for most of it, but the horses were cute, and we got this^ cute selfie out of the experience. 
We all made our way over to the midway and played a few games (Chris tried his best and ended up winning me a little bulldog stuffed animal! Hehehe) before riding on my favorite ride, the swings! It was so fun and I resisted singing “You Can Fly!” from Peter Pan the entire four minutes of the ride. 
Chris snapped this picture so quickly after he put this flower crown on my head. I am so glad he got it right before the vendor told him that selfies weren’t allowed! Spontaneous pictures capture just how much I love him. 🙂
We decided to leave the fairgrounds to eat dinner at the Busy Bee Cafe downtown, and returned a couple hours later to ride the ferris wheel at sunset. We just caught the end of it, but it still felt magical, even though it was a double date. Here are the rest of those pictures (taken by Chris): 

After the fair, Maddie and CJ drove back home to Goleta while Chris and I stayed the night at my parents’ house. The next day, we spent the mid-morning at Starbucks (I got a white mocha LOL my favorite!) before going out to eat with my mom and my brother, Shaun! We ate at Toki Restaurant, a ramen place!

Mabo ramen with mabo tofu and ground pork. 😛

That night, we had dinner with my friends Allison and Toni before seeing Lindsay at Menchies for dessert! I got cake batter with gummy bears and crumbled Heath bars, while Chris opted for fruity flavors: strawberry and pineapple sorbet, which is identical to the Dole Whip from Disneyland that Chris loves so much!

The next morning, we returned home and we have been here in Goleta ever since.

Chris on the bus ride back to SB. 🙂

It has been a great weekend! Tonight we are having steak with brussels sprouts and maybe some corn on the cob, as well as chicken soup that has been cooking in a slow-cooker all day!



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