Stearn’s Wharf: Saturday, August 15

Stearn’s Wharf: Saturday, August 15

This Saturday, Chris and I spent our late morning at Stearn’s Wharf, the pier in Santa Barbara, where we ate delicious seafood and basked in the sunshine. We have been wanting to eat on the pier for some time now, so it was wonderful for the two of us to finally make it happen! We were able to borrow our friend Maddie’s car, so that made the trip even more enjoyable, since we usually have to take the bus whenever we go on a date. It was so fun to spend some special time together, even though we are together so often anyway!

As seen in the picture above, we stood by the dolphin statue to take a picture together! This is very meaningful to me because my parents went to this same pier when they first got together, so it was really cool to be able to take a picture in the same spot as they did.
We could help but take some pictures of each other, of course! I love this one below of Chris because you can see the sail boats in the background. There were so many on this day!


Chris is wearing a white Superdry tank and a blue houndstooth Topman shirt that I recently bought for him. 🙂
I am wearing a floral Kirra dress and I am using my new vegan leather BP by Nordstrom purse that Chris bought for me as a present!
We ate at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Co., located at the end of the pier. There was barely any wait, which was so surprising to me because the restaurant was very busy! It looks like a little shack with some picnic-style tables outside overlooking the harbor. We were hungry and so we took the first available seats, which happened to be stools alongside a bar inside the restaurant. But we didn’t complain! The atmosphere was very fun, welcoming, and historic. There were old framed photos hanging all over the walls, and directly behind us was the oyster bar.
Chris ordered the shrimp scampi and I ordered the shrimp and scallop pasta. Both came with a slice of warm bread and both dishes were so delicious!
We definitely enjoyed our food and we both said that it would be a great place to take our parents to! The restaurant had a wonderful, local vibe, despite the fact that it is without a doubt a tourist destination.
After eating, we sat at the end of the pier and watched the sail boats for a while. This was so fun! We also walked around and watched people while they fished. We agreed that we definitely want to come back to Stearn’s Wharf more often, and I suggested coming in the morning with warm drinks and sweatshirts to watch the fishermen and boats. It would be so fun and definitely relaxing!
We were on our way back to the car, which was near Backyard Bowls, when I saw this blue brick wall and couldn’t resist taking some pictures in front of it! 🙂
At Backyard Bowls, Chris got an Island Bowl and I got a pitaya smoothie. We have tried the Island Bowl many times and we both think it is so good! I think that is my favorite bowl there, and it is definitely because of the mango inside. I can hardly resist mangos! My pitaya smoothie was also very tasty, and I enjoyed it even though there was banana inside, which I don’t normally like! I do love pitaya though (probably just because it is pink).
Overall, our morning at the pier was so much fun! I really hope we stick to our promise and go back soon. I would love to spend every weekend morning there if I could!

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