Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch




Today, Chris and I went downtown to eat a delicious brunch! We were originally planning on going to Casablanca, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in SB, but we decided to try Cajun Kitchen instead! Our friends are huge fans of this place and we have been wanting to check it out for a while. Even though it was a busy Sunday afternoon, we were seated within 20 minutes. I ordered biscuits and gravy, but unfortunately completely spaced and forgot that the gravy is cream-based, so my lactose intolerance caught up to me later. Blegh! Chris ordered jumbalaya, which was absolutely delicious. The past two weekends he has ordered the better dish and I end up getting so jealous! But he always shares, so that’s good.
After brunch, we went to Pressed Juicery because neither of us had ever tried it before. It was a day of firsts! We bought the Strawberry-Apple-Lime juice and it was super tasty, although the sourness from the lime was a little hard to deal with. We browsed in a few shops and I even got a perfume sample of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue from Sephora. I think I want that to be my next perfume! But we’ll see…
We got home at three and rested for a bit before studying and doing homework! I have a paper due tomorrow for my writing class and I really need to study Chinese (there is just so much for me to know and I feel like I don’t have enough time to learn it all!). I have a midterm on Friday–eek!!
My roommate, Lizzy, and I are hosting a Friendsgiving party for our close friends on Wednesday, so my next blog post will probably be about that.
Happy Sunday!

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