Elements of College Finals: Fall 2015

Elements of College Finals: Fall 2015

As finals are approaching (actually, my first one is tomorrow), studying is in full force, especially after a self-induced food coma of Thanksgiving. I have been trying to balance school, work, writing and editing, all the while trying to find time to relax (which isn’t so hard when my boyfriend and I love staying in and eating while watching cartoons). I figured I would post a few of my study essentials — or rather, the things I noticed I love having while studying for finals during this chilly fall season.

I love my Pentel Click 0.5 mechanical pencil. It has a twist-top eraser, which is perfect since I tend to write so fast and misspell words in the process. You can catch a glimpse of my grammar practice…


I bought a wireless mouse at Best Buy on Saturday, when their Black Friday sale was still going on. it is purple and I love it! I will never go back to using my trackpad again. Chris convinced me to buy it, just like he is trying to convince me to play Maple Story…coincidence? Perhaps.
The background on my computer is actually a Google Chrome plugin called Momentum! I found it while perusing studyblrs and I have been using it for almost a year now. It is super motivational and features a new, beautiful picture each day.


I also bought some new headphones at Best Buy! These are teal Insignia headphones. Pretty good sound quality for only $7.99! (Please excuse my worn-out laptop sticker — it’s been a long quarter.)


Featuring my bitten nails and a gray F21 sweater that I have worn too many times to count. I will probably post about it soon so you can see the lace detail at the bottom. The coffee is from Kol’s Cafe in Isla Vista. Super delicious lattes and breakfast. Chris and I love it there!

Well, this was quite a short post, but I wanted to post a few pictures of my study-filled, lazy yet productive Sunday! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and if you’re in college too, good luck on finals!



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