Elements of College Finals: Reflection, Desk Accents & Essentials

Elements of College Finals: Reflection, Desk Accents & Essentials


I am officially done with fall quarter of my junior year of college! WOO! Actually, I am just finishing up my last paper, but after that I am free. It feels like this year is flying by, and within the next two weeks my blog will be flooded with travel posts while I am in Taiwan! I am going to try to post every other day while I am there about each place we visit. Fingers crossed that I’m successful.

I suppose I will take this moment to reflect on this quarter. Junior year is a lot harder that I expected it was going to be, let me tell you. Between classes, work,  and the newspaper, I can hardly keep up with all of my responsibilities sometimes. It’s awesome that Chris and I can just sit and chill together, or do homework on weekends without stressing so much. And I am so happy that I can see Sabrina still (I mean, we are mostly studying together when we see each other, but still it’s fun!). My goal next quarter is to work on balancing my priorities more. Sometimes I find myself working on newspaper things more than keeping up with my readings, and that is definitely not good. If there is anything that college teaches you about the real world, it’s time management.

However, despite this, I am surviving finals! I had finals super early this year, which was hard but I made it through. This final paper for a major class of mind is really kicking my butt, though, so here’s hoping I ace it.

Because I know I’m not the only one who has been dealing with finals stressed over these past two weeks, I figured I would share a couple pictures of my current desk! I really like my setup this year. I decorated the wall and left the desk area filled with things that I actively use (with jewelry on the left and textbooks, notebooks & other school supplies on the right. When I took these pictures, I was in the middle of studying for my Chinese 1 final (it was last Saturday, and it wasn’t too bad!).

Below I have listed similar items to the ones in this picture, since I wasn’t able to find exact matches for everything.

Without further ado, here are my desk essentials for finals and everyday college living.

1. Coffee (and more precisely, coffee in a cute mug)

Coffee is a must for me. Even though I can average around 6 or 7 hours of sleep per night (I know, I am a lucky English major), I still love to have my coffee in the morning to give me that extra boost of energy. I drink mine with almond milk and (if I’m not out of it) a bit of agave. It’s super delicious! And I always like drinking it out of a cute mug. My aunt got me this bird one during my freshman year of college, and I have been using it all quarter, probably because it happens to be the perfect size, I think.

I believe she purchased the mug from anthropology, but I have found one that is just as cute at Francesca’s! This one has an owl on it and gives off the same cheery vibe.

2. A cozy blanket
If I am studying for the long haul, I have to be comfortable, and a cozy blanket makes everything better. I love putting it on my desk chair or wrapping myself in it while I am sitting on the couch in my apartment (and drinking my coffee of course *wink wink*). My grandma got this one for me as an early Christmas present and believe me, it has kept me warm all through the chilly finals season. I am not sure where she got it, but below is a cute and similar one from Target.

3. A desk bin

Okay, this one seems like a no-brainer, but mine is so cute and effective desk storage is super important. I really like storing my books and notebooks upright. I find that they are much easier to find and keep track of than storing them stacked in a drawer, and bookcases are just not space efficient in college. I got two floral bins from Target before my freshman year of college and I have used them ever since. One stores makeup in my closet, and the other I keep on my desk! I found a similar one below, since they no longer make the one with this design.


4. A good playlist

So this is kind of an extra one, but I figured I would throw it in just for fun! I typically use 8tracks when I am studying from other people’s playlists (no ads? wahoo!), but I made this one and I keep adding songs to it as I see fit.

If you are currently in college or are a graduate, please let me know what your desk essentials are, and what helps keep you on track for studying. I am always in need for tips and tricks, and I love finding new things to make my desk cute (hehe). I will also link my “How to Stay Organized as a College Student” article here, if you want to check out my tips.

Happy studying and happy holidays, to those who celebrate!



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