5 Ways to De-Stress While Studying

5 Ways to De-Stress While Studying

Hi readers! Today I want to share with you all my top five tips for de-stressing while you are studying. I know that there are so many lists of tips and tricks for de-stressing, but, I want to tell you how you can do it while being productive at the same time.

1. Put away the planner

Okay, I admit, I am a planner junkie. I am addicted to making lists and writing down exactly what I need to do each week and each day. This is the only way I can remember everything I need to do! However, I have noticed that I get way more distracted and stressed when I can see my planner while studying. If my planner is within eyesight, I will without a doubt be in the middle of reading or studying or doing homework when suddenly
I think of something else I need to do and have to write it down. But taking the time to write down these sudden thoughts is a distraction! Instead of staying focused, I was letting myself get off track in order to write down something that could have waited. By keeping my planner tucked away in my backpack and out of sight, I am able to zero in on the task at hand and get it done more efficiently.
2. Disable WiFi, if possible
If you are not doing work that requires the internet, then you should definitely turn the internet off. This is a simple and easy way to unplug and focus. If your messages are linked to your computer or if you are constantly on social media, then disabling WiFi will eliminate those outside distractions, and you will have to think about turning it on before you make the decision to be distracted. If you find yourself wanting to turn the internet on again, think: Is this worth it? Why do I need to take a break right now? Could I get up and stretch instead?
3. Put your phone away
Just do it. I know it is hard, but there is no reason why your phone should be anywhere near you while you are studying. Trust me, this works.

4. Wear a watch




A really easy way to keep track of how long you have been studying is to simply wear a watch. You can use it to time yourself and time your breaks, and it will keep you from looking at your phone or your computer screen when you need to know what time it is. This is just another way to eliminate as many electronics as possible. (And shout out to Krystin from Girl in Betsey for my Daniel Wellington watch! I wear it every day.)
5. Stay hydrated
I drink a lot of coffee, and sometimes I don’t realize that I am putting more coffee into my body than water. As a result, I tend to get headaches, which are a terrible distraction and make me more stressed! I feel like I can’t be productive when my head hurts so bad, and this is something I have been making an effort to control. If you keep a tall glass of water with you at your desk for the duration of your studying, you will find yourself drinking it a lot more. Keeping track of how much water you drink is important, and it will help you be less stressed in the long run. During times of stress, our skin can break out, we can become tired or antsy, and sometimes we snack for no reason. But drinking water and making an effort to put healthy liquids into your body will cause you to feel happier and healthier.
I hope these tips helped! Leave a comment down below of your de-stressing tips.

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to De-Stress While Studying

  1. I am a planner addict too! I got done with my February spread and looked up realizing I had spent almost two hours on it! I also play study music from YouTube in the background so I don't wonder off and watch YouTube videos.


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