Morning Chats With Happiness

Morning Chats With Happiness

Do things that make you happy.

Go for a walk. Treat yourself to a $5 cup of coffee every once in a while. Spend time with the people you love and don’t set a limit on how much. Allow yourself to feel: allow yourself to cry and laugh and hug it out because this world is sacred and this life is not as long as you think. An unhappy thought is a thought wasted.

There is such a misconception around doing things for ourselves. Some of us grow up thinking it is selfish to do what we want, it is selfish to ask for things we want, it is selfish to do what makes us happy and think of our own happiness first. When in reality, you are never going to get anything you want in life unless you ask for it. If you spend your whole life never asking for what you want or never considering how things will make you feel, chances are you’re going to be left with a whole lot of”what if”s and “why didn’t I do that”s.

So go for it. Happiness is yours to take, so take it. Your happiness doesn’t take any happiness away from someone else. There’s plenty to go around.

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