Day 1

Day 1

Welcome to my 365 Days of Gratitude! I was inspired by blogger Steph Yu to take charge of my thoughts, put pen to paper like I always do (or in this case, finger to keyboard?), and document my grateful thoughts every single day for a whole year. These posts are going to be very reflection-style journals, so if you are interested in my thoughts, days, and inspirations, read along with me on my journey of life!

And without further ado, here goes my first day.

Today I am grateful for so many things. I went out to eat dim sum at a local place called China Pavilion in downtown Santa Barbara. We went in a group of six: Chris, Sabrina, Jose, Yuhan, Wanying, and I. I was especially excited to try this restaurant because it is a place Sabrina has been going with her family for a while now, and she talks about it often. Once the shu mai arrived at the table, I knew I would be hooked.

I was so enthralled by the delectable food that I didn’t even think to take pictures for a blog post, but I know I didn’t have to. Something that we need to remember is that in a world where documentation is everything, sometimes being in the moment is more important than taking a picture for the memories. If the moment is great enough, maybe you don’t need a photo after all.

This lunch was filled with good people and delicious food, and for that I am so grateful.

We went grocery shopping after, and then I went to the library with Sabrina, Yuhan, and Jose! I was not too excited to go but I knew it was a good idea, and I am so glad I did. I got so much studying done and I really feel like I can do well on my Chinese 4 quiz tomorrow. This is my fourth quarter taking Chinese and although it gets progressively difficult, I feel like I know what study habits work best for me when it comes to studying this language, so hopefully my hard work will pay off tomorrow.

Tonight for dinner Chris and I were in the kitchen together. This always makes me so happy because cooking together is one of our favorite things to do! If you didn’t already know, Chris is my boyfriend of over two years, and he is also my best friend :). I am so grateful for him, of course, but this is about the dinner. Okay. SO I made a chicken pot pie! I think I will share a recipe on here the next time I make it, with pictures as well, because I am still perfecting it. But tonight it was delicious! We ate the pot pie for dinner, and we will eat the soup Chris is cooking tomorrow. It is so nice that we like almost all the same foods. It makes grocery shopping so much easier!

And here I am now, drinking tea, just finished a bowl of delicious cereal, and about to resume studying for Chinese. Wish me luck!

I love life today, as I should every day, and I can tell it will be so fun to document it on my blog. Here’s to a new journey of blogging and a new chapter of gratitude!

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