Day 4

Day 4

I appreciate my parents.

Almost every morning as I walk to campus, I call my dad. I sometimes prefer to walk to campus because A) my morning class is in a building that is on the edge of my route, so it isn’t too far at all, and B) I can call my dad while I walk — I can’t exactly call him while I bike or take the bus. My dad has always been a wonderful conversationalist, but I especially love our morning phone calls because it gives us time to reconnect and catch up on each others’ daily thoughts. He tells me the latest news about his sisters and where everyone is at the moment, or what my cousins are up to, or what happened the other night at work, and I tell him about my papers or exams or dinner plans with my boyfriend and other friends. And this works out well for us.

My dad and I can talk on the phone for hours. He is the type of person who just won’t stop once you get him on a topic — and I love this about him. I truly feel like we have grown closer during the years when I am in college. Sometimes it takes growing a bit older (and, say, not being an attitude-y teen anymore) to truly appreciate your parents for not only being parents, but for being great friends, too.

I do not call my mom as often only because at night when she is off work I am usually studying, but when I call her it is always nice. Tonight I confided in her about a health concern and we talked about how to remedy it, and I just always value her opinion. I love how I can FaceTime her and I love how excited she always is to talk to me. I also enjoy saying hi to my brother, of course, but I will save anecdotes of my relationship with him for another post.

My mom is just so nice to talk to. Like my dad, I do feel like our relationship got so much better when I went away to college. I guess maturity and a little outside perspective can do that to you.

What are you grateful for today?

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