Day 5

Day 5

Today I cooked dinner for Chris and I.

Usually, Chris and I cook dinner together. It is a sort of relaxing thing to be in the kitchen. We always enjoy helping each other out, slicing garlic or washing veggies. But a few days ago after a long day, I came home to Chris cooking an entire meal for us. It was so delicious! So today I decided to try to do the same for him.

But the thing is….I over-salted.

Rats! Over-salting things is one of my weaknesses. I don’t think things are salty enough so I add more salt and then it is too late! But Chris is such a trooper. He ate the whole meal (baked chicken, sauteed kale, and rice) with a smile and thanked me. Yet another reason why I am grateful for him.

But my gratitude for Chris is more than just feeling grateful for having a boyfriend who forgives you for adding too much salt to the food. It is feeling grateful for having someone in my life who embraces my mistakes. Not just my flaws, but my mistakes. When I think I mess up or when I do something that isn’t exactly right or something goes wrong, Chris always says that it is okay. There is never an annoyance or a worry from him. And this helps me out because then I know that mistakes are nothing to worry about. They are just something to acknowledge, learn from, and then we move on.

It is so wonderful to embrace our mistakes because it means we can learn from them. And that is what Chris does for me.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a grateful day.

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