Monthly Musings: October

Monthly Musings: October

Yellowstone National Park // September 2016

It is now October, which means a fresh start. I am a bit late with this post but nevertheless I want to start a new monthly series on my blog in which I outline my monthly happenings, goals, and inspirations. Here we go!


  • I am registered to be a “guinea pig” for a few psych studies on campus this month, and I am pretty excited! This is a little trick I have for all you college students out there in need of some extra cash. On my campus, students can sign up for paid psychology studies. You get paid instantly, which is great, but I also find that I talk to some nice people and learn a bit more about the STEM side of campus (someplace I don’t often explore). Looking forward to these.
  • I began my 365 Days of Gratitude this month, so check that out if you haven’t already. I am so excited to be writing every single day about what I am grateful for. Sometimes I detail my whole day, and other times I write about a certain topic in particular, but either way it’s a great time for reflection.
  • Chris and I will be together for 2.5 years on October 25th. WOW! How time really does fly. That is so cliche, but definitely true. Something that we talked about recently is how grateful we are to be living together this year. We have our own rooms in an apartment with four people total, and so it is really nice to be able to spend so much time together while also having our own spaces to relax, study, and have our me-time. Our 2.5 anniversary will be spent quietly, I am sure, but we will either spend a morning at the pier or have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants…maybe even both.


  • My number one goal is to make sure I complete every single question on every homework assignment for my Chinese class. I am in Chinese level 4 this quarter, which is considered intermediate Chinese, and it is very time consuming. I need to remember that homework is a study tool and should be valued.
  • Do well on all my papers. I have a couple papers this month and I want to dedicate 100% to them. Every word counts!
  • And finally (at least so far), my third goal is to always bring myself up, not down. I have a habit of putting myself down when I am feeling frustrated or I think I “mess up.” But bringing myself down will never make myself feel better; in fact, it will only make feeling better that much harder. Always remember to be your number one fan, because you are guaranteed YOU at the end of each and every day.


  • The Mustards. This is a minimalist couple on YouTube and in the bloggersphere who I just really enjoy. I especially love watching their Sunday Breakfast segment. If you are interested in minimalism (something I am slowly but surely incorporating into my own live) then definitely check them out.
  • Autumn. The seasons are such a great source of inspiration for me. From cozy fashion to curling up with books, I always feel at home in a new season. Autumn is a great time to really embrace what my English major calls for: reading a book while drinking tea. What could be better?

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your monthly favorites, inspirations, etc. in the comments or by email. I would love to hear from you!

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