Day 9

Day 9

Today I talked to Lindsay on the phone for over an hour! It was so great.

We have been trying our best to keep in touch, and we finally got to Skype last night. She told me all about school and work and her life, we talked about Big Brother 18, and I filled her in on some of the goings-on with me.

I am so so happy that I got to have these conversations with her. She is such a wonderful friend because she truly makes an effort to show just how much she cares about our friendship. She is a great listener and awesome at giving advice, and she is so fun to be around. I only hope that I am that good of a friend to her; I sure do try to be.

Yesterday Sabrina and I also spent a lot of time together too! We both had so much homework so we worked together and took breaks to go to Starbucks and get dinner. It was awesome to get some time with her–especially on her birthday!

And last night I fell asleep next to Chris as usual, which is always the best part of my day.

Yesterday was filled with good people and one-on-one time with each of them. This is just the way I love to spend time with friends.


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