Day 10

Day 10


I had a lovely day today. The sun was shining, I received new clothes in the mail, I am doing just fine without drinking coffee, one of my classes was cancelled — life is good.

The weather in SB is just amazing this week. We finally have what feels like autumnal weather! It is slightly breezy and in the 60s, which is a bit chilly for us, to be honest, and I love it. I actually wore a scarf on my walk to campus this morning. What the heck!

My medieval literature lecture was cancelled today, so I came home for about 4 hours in between my classes. I had ramen and a smoothie for lunch, chilled out a bit, worked on a paper, and did some homework. It felt nice and productive. After my two evening classes, I came home and Chris and I ate a delicious dinner of sauteed zucchini and the rest of the chicken pot pie I baked on Saturday. A comforting dinner indeed. I showered and started practicing Chinese characters, and I have been doing that ever since, with some youtube videos in the background. Hahaha.

Speaking of homework, I am so grateful for my room. I love my space this year. I have my own little room with a big desk and the comfy chair my grandpa bought for me. It is such a great study space and we are toward the center of the apartment complex so I do not hear too much noise from the outside world (i.e. the street haha). I love the yellow-ey lighting that my desk lamp gives off and this just feels like the perfect study space. It only took over three years to find it!

I just feel like I am finally settling into a routine. It is week 3 of school, classes are hard but manageable, and I think I know now where I will be each day. It feels great and my mind is at ease. I can do this, senior year, woo!

I would like to ask anyone reading this to comment your thoughts and advice to a college senior. Or email me with suggestions. I would love to hear them !

I hope you had a lovely day as well. And as always, show gratitude for everything in your life. Life is precious.


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