Day 12

Day 12

I have worn a single necklace every single day for over two years. It is a little silver chain with a small infinity symbol charm. Chris bought it for me while he was vacationing in Greece in August 2014 — and ever since he gave it to me, I have only taken it off probably five times. I shower with it, sleep with it…basically it is always around my neck.

Well today, as I was fumbling with my shirt, I accidentally caught my finger on the necklace. It only took a small tug and poof! The chain snapped. Chris and I both looked at each other and my mouth dropped wide open. I started to tear up.

We both lied in bed and looked at the small broken chain that I cherished so much. Chris always tells me that he loves how much I wear the necklace and how grateful he is that I appreciate it so much. The necklace felt like a symbol to me: something that represents Chris and I, our roots, the beginning of our love together when it was first blooming. I have worn it since he gave it to me…so what would it mean to suddenly not have it?

We have agreed that we will get the charm put on another, more well-made chain as soon as we can. And he held me as I lay saddened by the thought that this piece was somehow broken. He said that the necklace is a reminder to him that the two of us will go back to Greece together one day.

But as I have been thinking about it over the past few hours, I realize that even though the necklace is not our love. It represents our love, our beginnings, our love for adventuring together — but our love for each other lies within our hearts, not within a material item. At the end of the day, the necklace is just an item, Sure, it is a very special one, one that I will be sure to get repaired and will continue wearing as soon as I am able to, but it is not our love. I have our love in my heart. And unlike a necklace, our love can’t ever break.

(But…it will still feel weird to not have a chain to fumble with nervously for a while. That is a habit of mine hehe).

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