Day 17

Day 17

Today was one of the greatest days at school in a long time. It is Tuesday so I had 5 classes today, and even though I am usually so exhausted it was actually so great.

I started off the day by trying out some blackstrap molasses. I mixed it in with some hot water, and it was okay but I think tomorrow I will mix it in a smaller cup so I can drink it down really fast rather than slowly sip it. It doesn’t taste all that bad to me! I have heard that there are so many health benefits to it, such as iron and vitamin B6, so I think that given my recent history with stomach problems and my newfound giving-up of coffee, taking something like this as a vitamin supplement that supposedly also gives you energy sounds great to me.

I also drank my chai tea this morning, which is always my favorite. I love this year round but especially in the fall, and even though it is so warm outside I still enjoy my warm drinks in the morning. My apartment stays cool so it still feels cozy.

This morning I went to my Chinese class and then my African American literature class. Both were so good and I feel like I was perfectly alert and absorbing information. It’s so weird — normally I would attribute that to coffee, but it was all me and a bit of tea! Ha!

I came home for my three hour break and that was just lovely. I cooked myself a lunch of sauteed cabbage, beans, and rice and it was so good. I cleaned my plate and watched some YouTube videos as I relaxed. I then did some homework and reading — it always feels so good to be productive in the middle of the day! I hate feeling like after a long day I have a ton of homework to do so I think I was able to relieve some of my stress by utilizing my afternoon.

In the evening I had three back-to-back classes, which is normally such a chore to me but it was actually great today. In my second class I spoke up a lot and I was starting to feel annoying to others but I just had so much to say! We are reading  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in my medieval literature class right now and that is one of my favorite stories, so I just wanted to share my thoughts with the class and get some insight from the TA. I left class feeling so satisfied and ready for my next one. The final class went by pretty quickly and afterward I just took the bus home and cooked dinner with Chris.

Dinner was so fun too! We ate rice with green beans and pot stickers, and while we ate we watched a new anime for us, Spice and Wolf. This is an anime that we have been wanting to watch together for some time now and I am really excited about it because it is new to the both of us, so we can react to everything for the first time together!

After dinner I did some homework with Sabrina. She is actually still at my kitchen table studying as I write this in my room. I am so thankful to be living in the same apartment complex as her — I get to see her so often!

The moral of this whole post is this: you do not need coffee to get through a long day. All last year — especially since I was working on the paper — I felt so dependent on coffee. I would brew it at home, bring it to school, buy it, drink it, and practically have it running through my bloodstream by the end of the day. That was awful!! Drinking that much coffee isn’t good for anyone, but it especially isn’t good for me. I never want to have a mentality like that one again; it is not good to feel so dependent on something so addictive as coffee, especially since I think it was giving me stomach aches this whole time.

I am so happy to be alive for days like these. It was so simple and so long, but even the little joys like chai tea and speaking in class made me happy.


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