Day 20

Day 20

Today’s gratitude is a simple one…kombucha!

I know it may sound silly, but it is true. And I do not even feel bad about it. In fact, I feel proud, because this 365 Day challenge has encouraged me to focus on whatever makes me happy, even the little things, like kombucha.

Today I am feeling a bit under the weather. I have a very dry cough and a scratchy, sore throat, and while I drink kombucha normally, I especially like to drink it whenever I am feeling even the least bit sick. Because of the vitamins and probiotics inside, I find that it is a drink that always makes me start to feel better…even if it may be a placebo effect.

Sorry that today’s post is another short one. I will get better tomorrow, I promise. I just wanted to thank the universe for this simple but amazing drink, and leave it at that. I am off to drink some tea and relax before I sleep. I love you all!

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