Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

In September, after visiting the Tetons, Chris, his parents, and I drove through Idaho and Montana to Yellowstone National Park, where we would be for the next two nights. We stayed at a little hotel just outside of the park in Montana, and each day was filled with adventures, snowy air, and a lot of buffalo.


Driving into the park, we almost immediately saw gazing buffalo near a creek. This was amazing! My aunt visited Yellowstone a couple weeks before I did and she showed me all her pictures, so I was beyond excited with I actually got to see these in person. There were some people who walked awfully close, as you can see in the first picture on the left, but I tried to keep my distance. They scared me, okay!!

It actually snowed while we were there. I know…SNOW. I am a Southern California native, so snow isn’t exactly my best friend (we haven’t had much time to get acquainted, you see, and I have only ever played in it one time, that I can remember). But seeing snow all over the ground was absolutely breathtaking.

These pictures were taken from the car window. Can you believe that?! My little iPhone 5 did that from a moving vehicle! They’re not the best, but I do believe they capture the beauty of it all. I have never seen anything like this in person. This was amazing.

While we were in Yellowstone, we visited the Old Faithful geyser and ate lunch at the visitors center nearby. It was pretty cloudy this day and cold out, so it was kind of hard to fully see the geyser erupt, but nonetheless it was such a cool experience. Even hearing it was awesome!

We also walked around numerous hot spring areas. This was so cool!! It was so neat to smell the sulfur in the air and feel the steam. Chris’s mom and I kept joking about how it was like a trip to the spa. It was around 40 degrees outside each day, but we weren’t even cold when we were standing in the steam of the springs. I truly loved this part of the trip.

We also stopped numerous times along the road to see animals, hot springs, and even rivers!! I love how adventurous Chris’s dad is. He always wants to fully take advantage of every place he visits. It’s as though he doesn’t get tired! I really admire this about him.

And on the final day, we visited the Mammoth Hot Springs. We ate Huckleberry ice cream (IT WAS AMAZING), wore our matching socks, and walked up and around the hot springs together. It sure was breathtaking to be so high up on a mountain and see nature’s beauty. I will never take this trip for granted, and I know I will never forget these moments, being around the hot springs and walking with Chris and his dad.

We love you Yellowstone! Thanks for a great summer getaway and giving us a taste of fall.


Adventure is out there! 

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