Day 23

Day 23

Today I am thankful for kind strangers.

Sabrina and I had a little lunch and tea date at Starbucks today. We love going there together because we usually split a sandwich and a bagel and it is just so lovely! Sabrina and I have had weekly little cafe dates since sophomore year and it is so lovely to have this time with just the two of us. We chat about our lives and our days and I truly value this time we get to spent together amid the hustle and bustle of our loves.

Today at Starbucks, the barista at the register seemed new. His name was Eugene and he seemed a little flustered when he was helping Sabrina (she ordered before me). When it was my turn to order, I gave him my drink order and my name. Then I asked for a bagel and he said “Bailee, right?” and I said “Yes.” Then he asked me if he wrote my name correctly on the paper bag that the bagel would end up going in. I said, “Well, there is no ‘y’ at the end, but it’s okay!” He then said “Oh!” and started to correct it. “No, no, no!” I said, “Really, no worries, it’s all good! It’s the same thing, really.” So he smiled and chuckled to himself. Then he was giving me my change after I paid and he asked if I wanted two five dollar bills or a ten, and I said anything is fine, whatever is easiest. He smiled and said, “That’s awesome, you’re great.” He gave me my change, and as he was handing it to me he added, “I like you, Bailee. We would have world peace if everyone was like you.” I said thank you very much and smiled and he told me to have a great day.


Now, I don’t know Eugene. The most I know about this person is that he shares the name of one of my favorite Disney leading males (any Tangled lovers out there?) and that he seemed to be new to Starbucks. But I also know that he was so kind to me for basically no reason! And I am writing this post today about him because of how much of an impact he had on my day. This was in the morning at around 11 am, and it completely put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Being kind is the most important quality to have, in my opinion. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, intelligent or not, strong or healthy or anything of the sort — if you have kindness in your heart and you make an effort to express this kindness to others, you are a wonderful person, in my book. I believe that kindness — even the kindness of strangers — can go an incredibly long way. There are few things better than a sweet smile and a loving disposition. Genuine kindness spreads like wildfire, as long as you keep it going.

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