Day 24

Day 24

I woke up today, got ready, and put on my rose quartz pendant. And immediately the word that came into my head was “compassion.”

Have you ever just had a particular word or feeling come into your mind and suddenly it’s just lurking there all day? Well that happened to me with this word. It was as though my heart was telling me to be compassionate today, that compassion was the most important thing for me today.

A friend asked me for a favor. This is a friend whom I have offered help to before and who either ignored me or refused to take it, so upon receiving this inquiry I was suddenly taken aback. But then I remembered “compassion” and immediately did what I could to help. And that is what is important.

I also heard a quote today. It said that when others are upset, rude, mean, ignoring you or just plain cold, they have something going on in their lives and their behavior has nothing to do with you. So you should treat them compassionately because love is something they are lacking and love is something they need.

And I truly believe this. I believe that being compassionate, truly attempting to level with others, to understand them, to want to help them — these are all things we should aim for and strive to do. Because life is fleeting. Moments are just moments. And through it all we should be compassionate. Through it all we should be kind.

I think that last year I would get so bothered by other people’s poor behavior and rudeness toward me that I did not stop to try to understand them. I did not often consider that their attitude has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with what they have going on in their own heads and their own lives. And I truly believe that if I had acted more compassionately toward the people who treated me poorly, their behavior would not have bothered me so much.

I am not saying that we should be doormats and let others take advantage of us, nor am I saying that we should be happy and smiling toward others all the time. But I am saying this: if someone is mean, they are probably hurting. If someone is lashing out or rude or cold, they probably have something else going on with them that you have no idea about. So instead of getting upset, instead of being rude back or lashing out at others because we don’t agree with their behavior, we should act compassionately. We should try to understand that they have priorities other than kindness. And by trying to understand, we, ourselves, may end up far happier and in a far better mindset than if we had not even tried at all.

And after all, those filled with so much hate probably could use a little more love.

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