Day 26

Day 26

Today I watched a great movie with Sabrina.

It was called “Hotarube no Mori e” and it is a Japanese anime film.

Sabrina and I have been wanting to watch this short film for a while. We have called it “the cat mask movie” because that is basically all we knew about it, but it turned out to be 40 minutes of happiness. Even though this movie gave us all the feels, it was definitely worth watching.

I have come to realize that my favorite shows and movies and books are ones that make you feel something. I don’t like to just be mindlessly laughing. Sure, I do love a good Modern Family episode, but when it comes to entertainments — mostly movies — I really want to feel so many emotions. I just love it! Those are the movies that get me.

It was especially great watching this movie with Sabrina because we were reacting to all the same parts in all the same ways. Gasping and laughing and giggling and smiling and close-to-crying. It was great.

I am so thankful for lovely little movies today, and I am so grateful to have friends to share them with.

(I am also done with midterms, as of today. Woo!! Can’t wait for the trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain!)

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