Day 28

Day 28

We spent the entire day with Chris’s parents and I am so happy about it.

We began the day with Backyard Bowls, which was delicious, as always. We all shared the bohemoth bowl (not kidding, the name doesn’t lie) and then hit the road for Irvine. I slept the ENTIRE car ride and it felt so great when I woke up because I felt way more well-rested than before. This morning I felt so anxious about the trip…for some reason I just get like this sometimes. I know I don’t need to impress anybody, but there is just something about being with your significant other’s family that makes you want to dress nicely, you know? But of course, everything turned out fine and I attribute a lot of my nerves to having too little sleep the night before.

We went to South Coast Plaza for lunch at Din Tai Fung, and we did a bit of shopping. Chris called today “treaty day” and I got a bit of makeup and two Uniqlo shirts…I just love Uniqlo! I have sweatpants from Uniqlo in Taiwan and I wear them religiously. Din Tai Fung made for a delicious lunch, of course. The xiao long bao are always amazing and I feel like I can still taste them. That is definitely something that I crave while in Santa Barbara…oh how I wish we had Din Tai Fung just a little bit closer. But I suppose the fact that it is a sporadic treat makes it all the more special.

And we had milk tea TWICE today! WITH PUDDING! I always crave milk tea and it just isn’t good in Santa Barbara, so it was so awesome to take advantage of it here in Orange County. We got dinner with Chris’s aunt, uncle, and cousin, and he took us out for milk tea afterward. It was pretty cool to chat with him a bit. I really enjoy having this time to get to know Chris’s family little by little.

Tomorrow we head back to SB and I have mixed feelings. I just don’t want to go back to the real world quite yet!! But I have some thesis readings and Chinese studying is calling my name.

Here are a couple pics of us from today 🙂

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