Day 29

Day 29

Today I am appreciative of small moments.

In an age of technology and social media, I think that a lot of us get so caught up in the possibilities of what we could be doing and we are so fascinated by what others are doing, or by trying the next best thing, that we forget to live in the now. And that is one of my goals: to live in the now.

It’s never too early or too late to set a goal. And even though the year is coming to a close, a new set of 365 days begins every day, when you think about it. And from here onward, I want to be more appreciative of small moments than I already am.

I heard a quote the other day that said this: These are “the good old days.” Don’t waste them. And I think that is absolutely true. I feel like there is this cliche of older people remembering “the good old days” and talking about the highlights of their lives with their loved ones, but more often than not, the stories I hear from my older family members are of small moments that they remember from their everyday lives’ past. And I think that is so cool. I love talking to my parents, especially, because I feel like in conversation, one thing will lead to another and suddenly we are on some random topic and it reminds them of a time in their life. And of course, these stories they tell I usually haven’t heard before because they are small highlights. And I think that is so cool.

There is something so precious about the present. In each moment, you are as old as you have ever been and as young as you will ever be, and something about that is so precious and true that it is worth appreciating and remembering. Any day, any time, any moment in your life this week could be a story of “the good old days” years from now that you tell your children, grandchildren, or friends. So that is why I believe it is so important and lovely for us to consider these moments and reflect upon them, and appreciate them for what they are.

And there is of course a small moment that sparked the inspiration for this blog post. So I will write it here.

So Chris and I have been loving the Your Name soundtrack ever since we watched the movie, but especially over the past few days. And there is one song in particular that I absolutely love dancing to. It is just so catchy! And it brings me back to my seventh grade J-Pop obsession. So tonight when I heard him whistling one of the songs from the movie, I told him to put on “Zen Zen Zense” and I came into his room and danced my heart out for the first minute and a half. And when I say dance, I mean I DANCED. And if you know me at all, you may know that I don’t like dancing in public. I will do it a little bit, but it takes a lot of convincing. At home in private with nobody watching, however, I am an entirely different dancer. Hahaha! SO I danced like crazy and Chris smiled at my ridiculousness and I felt fantastic.

This is a small moment. I am not sure if I will remember it years from now, but I might, and either way I love it. And I will continue to have these moments, dancing and all.

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