Day 34

Day 34

I am absolutely exhausted today, in the very best way. Do you know why? Because I said yes to things.

While I have been truly in this state of self-discovery and making decisions that are best for me every single day, I am also in a state of wanting to make the most of my senior year of college. And that includes finding the right balance between 1) school, 2)me-time/time at my apartment/time with Chris because that’s just a given, and 3) having a social life. I have eliminated basically all my extracurriculars in order to really make sure that I have a relaxing yet fun yes awesome GPA-increasing senior year in college, which means I actually have time to do some things now!

Of course, I am only doing things when I want to, like I said. But today, I truly wanted to be every single place I was, and it felt amazing.

We went on a hike to the Gaviota wind caves, ate a delicious lunch, and then at night we went to the ISA masquerade party. Everything was so wonderful. I loved hiking so much — I really do enjoy it! As long as I am allergy-free and I take my time, I find hiking to be so fun. It may take some convincing, but gosh it is worth it. It was so nice to be with my friends and to take a rest at the shady caves. We talked and laughed and spent so much time together just enjoying each others’ company and relaxing in the midst of a steep hike. And after, we ate at Natural Cafe, which is one of my favorite places by far.

The masquerade party was so nice too! I danced and we laughed and we got ice cream after. I know that I won’t get many chances like this later, so I am so happy I actually went.

So today I learned the value of saying yes to things when you want to go. And even though I know I can say no whenever I want (heck, my version of being social is doing homework together, so you can imagine I say no to social events quite a bit…), I know that saying yes can sometimes turn into a spectacular day, like today. And today I feel truly happy.

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