Day 35

Day 35


I am a Friday girl through and through — I live for delicious Friday dinners, weekly date nights, and time with friends. Fridays are amazing.

But there is something about a calm, lingering Sunday that puts me in the best mood…especially when I don’t even leave the house (only to walk to the laundry room and back, hehe).

Today was filled with tasty food, warm tea, and homework. I sat at my desk and read, wrote, and watched the occasional YouTube video during one too many breaks. But everything was great, because it is Sunday. And Sundays are for relaxing productivity.

Yes I know — that’s quite the juxtaposition. But every Sunday at home feels that way. Productive in the most relaxing way. Getting to do homework while also not stressing too much because I know I have hours so I can spread out my time. I can relax and rest while also getting so much reading and writing done for school.

Something that I love about spending a lovely Sunday inside is that it truly gives me a lot of time to myself. I have learned over the last three years in college that there is so much value in solitude — it allows you to have time for self-reflection, to recharge, to readjust your thoughts. I truly love being around others, but as an introvert, I tend to feel mentally drained after spending so much time with people. Sometimes it can feel as if I just spent hours at the gym and I am totally burnt out! So that is why I have learned and grown to love my time in my own space, to clear my head and get organized, to live my life in my little room, with the occasional kiss and “hello!” from Christopher.

I also find so much value in being productive. I don’t just mean with schoolwork — I mean with my all-around life and wellbeing. Getting a lot of things done means more than finishing a paper or reading for school; to me, it means having time for reflection, writing, sitting at peace with yourself and your life, and truly feeling accomplished at the end of the day. Today, I feel those things.

And I know that tomorrow is Monday, and I will wake up in a great mood, still having that perfect happiness hangover from the relaxing day before.

I appreciate Sundays, today and every week.

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