Day 36

Day 36

Today I am grateful for exercise and the impact it has on my mindset.

I have been told for a while the importance of exercise and how it is a total mood-booster. I don’t doubt this! But I am one of those college students who just thinks that there is “no time” for regular exercise.

Well it turns out I am wrong on this one. Big time.

I am learning to set goals for myself that I know I can accomplish every week, and one of those is going to the Rec Cen and getting a quick workout in. And let me tell you, I feel great every time! But today was special in particular.

Today I went at my own pace while listening to a podcast, “Functioning Minimalist.” I have been very interested in minimalism lately (Sabrina and Chris have been hearing all about it, hahaha) and I decided today that I wanted to listen to something during my workout that would truly benefit me and that I would get something out of. And this was it!

So the delightful, mindful podcast in combination with a great workout was honestly superb. I went to the gym feeling distressed and cluttered and I left feeling at ease and ready to take on the rest of my night. And I am practically done with my English 101 paper now–look at that!

Sometimes a little bit of exercise and a little bit of mindfulness is all I need to get in the right headspace. Try it!

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