Day 38

Day 38

“I support you.”

These three words are more powerful than we give them credit.

As it has been for many other than myself, these past 24 hours in America have been very emotional.

But one thing that I feel compelled to do — even more so now than ever before — is dedicate more of my time to service, to doing my part to helping the world be a better place.

Helping the world be a better place. That’s easier said than done, and I am sure so many people think this every day without putting their thoughts into action. But now that I am going to soon be a college graduate, at the forefront of my freedom to go out into the world and discover and learn, I am also at the forefront of change. And I recognize this privilege I have, so I want to do something about it.

I know that whatever place I end up in, I will dedicate so much time to helping others, to providing services, to educating and uplifting the youth. This is what I aim to do, this is what I declaratively say I am passionate about. I have been eager to volunteer within and outside my communities ever since I was a child, and this passion has continued throughout my college career.

So today, upon reading of the current state of our country, I became saddened while also hopeful. And today I cried. I cried because sometimes my heart is just so big that it cannot contain all of my emotions and tears must pour out as a way to release them. And Chris held me. And you know what he said?

“I support you.”

How incredible is that? To have someone in your life who will say that, who will dry your tears?

I am in a position where I may not fear for my life today like many others do, and I do not belong to the numerous marginalized communities significantly affected by the current state of America. But I will say this: I support you.

Without darkness, there would be no light. This is true. But now more than ever, I think it it more important to believe that without light, all we have is darkness. Without hope and drive and determination, all we have is hate. So act on it. Decide to keep going. And vow to dedicate your time to challenging yourself, challenging others, challenging our nation, and doing something about it.

I do not know if writing this post will do anything, and frankly I do not think it actually will. But I do know that there is strength in compassionate actions. And if you life your life compassionately–if you choose to continue forward and to not let this system detrimentally affect the way you treat others–then I believe there is still goodness in this world.

I did not exactly plan to write another post about this election. But the issue here is that at the end of the day when I write about what I am grateful for, I allow my fingers to do all the work, to communicate the language within my heart. And I suppose this was it.

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