Living Intentionally: Why?

Living Intentionally: Why?

Why do you do what you do–every. single. day?

This may sound like a broad question to some and a far-too-specific one to others. But to me, we must answer this question before we can begin to understand living with intention. Here’s what I mean.

Every day we are confronted with numerous choices: from the moment we decide to get out of bed to what we eat to where we go to how we spend our time, we must choose, choose, choose. And there is something to be said that is very significant about those choices: we must choose wisely.

If you live your life without paying attention to the choices you make, then the consequences of those choices may come as a surprise to you. You may not understand why your stomach aches in the evening, why you got a bad grade on your exam even though you studied, why you find yourself so tired after spending time with certain people. Every choice we make leads to an outcome, and in a perfect, ideal world, these outcomes would be good…right?

Well, everything depends on choice. And one of the ways in which we can come close to determining positive outcomes–and, consequently, positive days–is by making the decisions that will get us there. In order to do this, we need to be aware and make conscious choices in our daily lives.

So ask yourself–why am I hitting snooze on my alarm? Why do I feel so tired today? Why am I feeling bitter and annoyed? Once you figure out the reasons behind these thoughts and feelings, you can make decisions that will lead to more positive outcomes.

Living intentionally in our daily lives means making the decisions that are right for our individual selves, decisions that will lead to happier, positive, successful futures, in our own eyes. With living intentionally comes being conscious of every choice we make, being aware of how our choices impact our personal wellbeing, and continually striving to make the choices that work with our heads, our bodies, and our hearts.

One exercise that I have begun to do every evening is reflecting on the day I just had and laying out a general plan and hope for the day to come. Every time I set my alarm for the next morning, I make the choice to wake up early enough to give myself a lovely, self-serving morning routine. And every time (well….almost. I am human, just like you) I wake up in the morning, I make the choice to get out of bed without consistently snoozing my alarm.

These are just two examples of the choices I make on a daily basis–the choices I make to live intentionally. And I have come to understand these choices by asking myself why I make them; it is that simple.

I hope you gained some insight from this post and I would love feedback, questions, comments, and tips from you! We are all in this journey together–let’s make it happen.


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