Day 39

Day 39

“Every time you are in a situation that makes you feel bad, you have the choice to feel slightly worse or slightly better. If you choose to feel slightly better, you will continue on this upwards spiral. If you choose to feel slightly worse, you will continue on a downward spiral.”

This quote is so relevant to life, but specifically to one particular aspect of my evening, and when I heard it tonight, I felt so much better.

Here is why.

I was in a situation this evening where by the time we were heading home, I was feeling bad. I was not annoyed, frustrated, hurt, angry–I was feeling none of these negative emotions. I was simply feeling bad. And I was thinking about this and thinking about this, bringing it up to my friend, talking to my boyfriend about it, and letting this feeling of badness liger within me.

But I created this feeling. It was a reaction to a situation that was, in retrospect, so minuscule, something that will be forgotten soon or not even considered in a negative light. But I took it upon myself to feel bad about it. And that is not how I wanted to feel.

Within the past five years, I have come to understand and appreciate the power of thought. I understand the effect that our thought processes have on our outlook, our attitudes, our livelihood, and our day to day occurrences. And for this reason that I was able to come to this point tonight and not feel bad anymore.

I am not saying my emotions changed instantly–quite the opposite, actually. But there is so much more power in our thoughts than we realize. And the moment that I decided, “I do not want to feel bad about this anymore. I am going to change that” was the moment when I started to feel better. After hearing the quote above, I felt better, because I realized and understood that the practice of the Law of Attraction is so important, and it is something that I have worked to apply to my daily life for the past five years…just not so seriously. Until now.

I am so grateful for my thoughts and my ability to work to change them. I am grateful for my mind and my ability to work to adjust my mindset. And I am grateful for my emotions: without them, who knows where I would be.

This entire post was inspired by the Law of Attraction, and now I am inspired to write even more on the topic tomorrow. Stay tuned.

❤ ❤ ❤

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