Day 45

Day 45



There is something so delicious about little poems: they come at such random moments sometimes, but when I finally get to taste them, they appear sweet like candy on the tip of my tongue, just hoping to be written somewhere in the universe.

That is how this little guy above came to me.

I have written about change many times here, so I do not want to get into explaining the poem, but I do want to mention the importance of embracing your true self. Whether I am writing down the poems in my head, dancing to a childhood song late at night in my room, or baking Pillsbury crescent rolls at 10pm just because I feel like it, I always try to be aware of my true self and what makes me happy.

And one of the things that I am just loving about life right now is knowing myself, and how good it feels to truly do things for me, to unapologetically sing in the shower and spend hours on a paper because I know the wonderful feeling I will get once I get a fantastic grade back (I hope–it’s been so many hours perfecting this beast today).

And I think an aspect of embracing yourself is embracing change as a good thing….something I am learning as I go but refusing to give up on. I think that is it so important to not be afraid of learning and growing and changing for the better because as long as you can wake up every day knowing you are a good person, a better person, then that’s just fine.

I suppose the point of this gratitude post is….well, I am not too sure. But maybe not being sure is the point. Maybe using this as a space to just type away my thoughts and hope for the best is the purpose. Maybe here, in this moment, I am simply embracing myself.




Huh. Well that was an interesting one 🙂

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