Day 46

Day 46

One of the things I love the most about UCSB is the wonderful professors in our English department.

Today I was sitting on a bench outside of my class, waiting to go inside, when my medieval literature professor came up to me. “Hi, you’re one of my students, right? I haven’t met you yet!”

This isn’t the largest lecture, but there are a hundred students, or so, and we have TAs and section, so I don’t get much one-on-one time with the professor. And that’s mostly my fault, really, because before the midterm I wasn’t the biggest fan of her lectures so I wasn’t too inclined to get face-time with her. But ever since the midterm, she switched up her lecture style and became so engaging and interactive that I enjoy the course 10x more.

I told her that I have been meaning to compliment her on the new lecturing style and she seemed very please. She made an effort to get to know me a little bit, and I told her about my affinity for Early Modern literature and how much I enjoy the course material. She chuckled and said it was unusual for me to like Early Modernism so much (I laughed, too, because we are a rare bunch) and then encouraged me to take a course with her next quarter. My schedule is full with the thesis but she was so nice when I told her about it that I just might try to take a class with her in spring, if I have an open spot. Who knows!!

And it was so fun to talk to her, within only a five minute time span. I actually said out loud that I am interested in being a professor one day, and she was so encouraging (yet warning about the job market, lol) and she was pleased to know Kearney is my thesis advisor and that I am considering grad school.

I was so pleasantly surprised by how much she truly seemed to care about me, and I have gotten this experience from all of the English professors I have made an effort of speaking to. It’s unfortunate that it took me until almost the end of the quarter to speak with her, but I am so grateful for the interaction nonetheless. People may surprise you–and giving someone a chance to brighten your day is always worth it.

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