Day 47

Day 47


Today was absolutely the perfect Friday.

I had a great night’s sleep last night, and I woke up this morning cheerful and got ready to meet my friend Lauren for breakfast at Caje Cafe. After a delicious chai and a bagel (and 90 minutes of catching up and life chats), I stopped by campus to sign up for an appointment with my Chinese language TA, and then I walked hope. I had leftovers for lunch, hung around and relaxed, and then worked on my thesis–which we all know I love to do.

And tonight was date night with Chris! Fridays are always our Chris-and-Bailee time. Even though we live together, we always make sure that Friday nights are our nights no matter what–and even if that means we are with friends, we are always together on Friday nights. It has been a tradition ever since we started dating and it will always be one. It’s the best! So tonight we went out to Itsuki for the first time and got Japanese food. It was pretty good and I would definitely go back! Then we got milk tea for dessert and I got a golden oolong–I think it’s my new fave. I got it iced from the Arbor store last week and this was my first time having it with boba, and it was definitely super tasty. Would recommend!

Then for the rest of the evening we cuddled and did work at our apartment. I did so much research and I feel so accomplished. I love Fridays because of their infinite feeling: we can stay up so late doing work or just being together and they always feel like they will never end. It’s just great. Fridays sure are the best nights of the week.

So today, in addition to being grateful for Fridays, I am also grateful to just know myself and how I work and how Chris works to the point where days like this, as much as they feel like routine, feel perfect in their own way. I am grateful for the assurance that I am in the right place, right where I need to be in any given moment. And I am so happy…and the fact that tomorrow the weekend continues sure does make that happiness even sweeter.

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