Day 48

Day 48

I love walking. I love slow mornings and being outside, and taking the time to go on a nice little walk in the fresh air.

Chris and I have been making an effort to do our Saturday morning walks every week and it has been so lovely. While I do love these walks because of the wonderful fact that they allow us some one-on-one, hand-in-hand time together, I also love them simply for the fact that I get to be outside and moving. On the weekends I have a tendency to either stay at home or go to the library, and that means the most walking I do is from my room to the kitchen or from my apartment to the bus stop. But every Saturday is just lovely because we make an effort to get moving and go on a walk through the neighborhood, usually resulting in warm drinks or a smoothie. And I just love it.

I do believe these times are so important for Chris and I to reconnect, take a breath, and truly value our time together. But while it is a wonderful time for our relationship, I also believe that these weekly morning walks are something that you do not have to do with your loved one! You can do this with a friend, a pet, or even just by yourself. I was reading Alisha Leytem’s blog post about “walking gratitude” and it is just so amazing because I had not even read this before I started my weekly walks, but I feel as though I do just what she writes about, only slightly differently because I am with Chris. hehe. But I do believe it works just the same.

Basically, while I am walking, Chris and I talk about super positive things. We talk about what is new in our lives, how lovely the weather is, what we are looking forward to–we pay attention to our surroundings and we honor each others’ thoughts. And that, my friends, is what I believe a nice morning walk is all about.

Try this for yourself and let me know if you do, and also comment any of your weekly rituals. I’d love to hear them!

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