Day 50

Day 50

Woohoo! This is officially my 50th post in this series. I did not realize it until just now when I had to title the post — wow, what a rush. I am so happy to have started this and I truly believe that my days and nights begin and end so much better, happier, and more fulfilled because I make a point of gratitude. Such a great improvement!

Today and lately I am just trying not to be stressed. You know that state of mind when you know you are stressed and you can feel a cloud of overwhelm looming over you, but you just keep denying it and trying to push the stress away because you know the stress won’t give you As or make you feel good, or make you super productive? Yeah, that’s me right now: trying to avoid stress while still feeling it. Strange but I feel like this is something many of us feel when we just don’t want to be stressed but we feel like it may be inevitable. Ahh!!

BUT rather than rattle off on here about how much work I have (because this is a UC student, and hello, what else is new) I will just tell you about my past few days and my evening and how wonderful I feel in the non-academic realm of my life.

Chris and I have had such a great past few days. A lovely weekend, productive yet relaxing, followed by tonight, dinner with friends. I told him this and then he said “We’ve had a great past two and a half years” — ah, how I love that pup. He’s the best.

Tonight was so great because we went to Korean BBQ with Sabrina, Yuhan, David, and Jose. It was so nice to go out to eat all together since we will all be apart over Thanksgiving, and it was just a nice way to spend some time together eating delicious food. I talked with Jose and David a lot and I was reminded (like always) of what great friends they are. They’re such amazing people, truly. And it is awesome to spend time with them so that I can appreciate them for who they are.

After dinner we went to get milk tea, and I got a golden milk tea again, which was great. I think it is my new favorite!! But I saw that this new-ish boba place where we went also serves Okinawa milk tea, which is the best because it is sweetened with brown sugar, giving it a sort of warm taste. I LOVE the Okinawa tea from ShareTea up in the Bay area, so I think I need to give it a try at this new place. Stay tuned for my verdict because I have a stamp card now so you bet I’ll be going there sometime soon…hopefully for a finals week pick-me-up? We shall see. 😉

Despite my stress and worries and indecisiveness, I am still happy, and I am still me. And now that I think about it, that is something that I would tell anyone in college who is having a hard time keeping up and who just wants to do well, in all aspects of their life. It’s always going to be okay, as long as you always always always try your best. And it’s okay if you’re still figuring out what your “best” is — sometimes, that’s what makes you human.


(but school always comes first no matter what so you better believe my Thanksgiving break will be filled with reading and thesis work, and all the homework I gotta do because you can’t do well if you don’t hustle. at least, I have to.)

Much love, many thanks, and a ton of encouragement to every college student (or just human) reading this!

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