Day 55

Day 55

“Life is special. And if you treat it as such, it will be.”

I have heard so often that if you love life, life will love you back. And I 100% believe this is true.

I spent the day today mostly at home, chatting with my dad, laying in bed, and then going out for a bit to Target with my brother. We ended up decorating for Christmas a bit and I made some choco-chip cookies (Bettie Crocker, but still tasty!) and all in all it was a lovely day in Ventura.

I believe it was a lovely day because it felt as most of my days here usually do: I did my own thing in my room while also spending time with my family, I drank some tea and went out with my brother, I occasionally called Chris and chatted for a while. It was lovely in its routine simplicity, a great way to spend my last day here for the next couple weeks.

And I believe that today was a great example of the above quote–it was special. It was special because nothing was rushed, nothing was irritable, nothing was any more or less ordinary than usual. And I believe that it was special because I treated it that way, I made it so.

It is so important to consider every day not only for what it is, but for what it can be, and what we can make of its simplicity or greatness. An ordinary day is just as special as you make it, and appreciating the ordinary days is what makes life so extraordinary.


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