Day 57

Day 57

We live below some pretty noisy people.

Every day, for as long as I can remember while living in this apartment, I can hear the residents above me stomping around. It sounds like they are slamming doors, stomping as loud as they can when they walk, and jumping out of bed, landing on the floor very loudly. And it seems as though there is nothing we can do about it! David and I already tried talking to them and asking them to quiet down, and they just didn’t really get it. Sigh.

And this noise bothers me — I flinch and jump easily when I hear a random “boom!” from above my ceiling and it is pretty annoying to hear the constant stomping everywhere. I have been so bothered by this noise that I get so frustrated sometimes!

But today, reflecting on it after complaining about it to Christopher yet again, I realized that I am letting it bother me. I am in complete control of how I feel about these noisy neighbors: I can control how annoyed I get and how I react, and I can choose not to pay so much attention or get so easily distracted by their noise.

Don’t get me wrong–they are super noisy to the point that it is so distracting I can’t stand it. But I 100% believe that I do not need to let it annoy me. That is something that is very important about life: not sweating the small stuff, choosing not to get so upset at what we cannot control. I can’t control their noise; there is simply nothing I can do about it at this point. It is not causing me any physical harm, so why should I let it cause me emotional strife? No way.

I love these gratitude posts because they serve as a constant reminder to be aware of my life and how I am living and how I choose to spend my time. And while I do not expect to flip a switch and suddenly be okay with these noisy neighbors, I definitely will make a conscious effort to not get so annoyed over this situation that I have no control over.

And hey, if some stomping around is the worst thing I have to deal with living in this apartment complex, then I would say I have a pretty good situation. 🙂

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