Day 58

Day 58

Today was a very productive day, a very busy day, but a very good day nonetheless.

It was a Tuesdays, and Tuesdays this Fall quarter have been rough: I have FIVE CLASSES. Yeesh. And I don’t get out until 7pm, and by that time I am exhausted. But I powered through today and got some pretty great news throughout:

  • I found out I did very, very well on my Chinese presentation yesterday
  • I went to office hours for my medieval literature TA and he seriously helped me figure out exactly what I am trying to argue in my paper (that is due this Thursday, by the way! but I finally know what I am doing so now I think I can power through it)
  • I got an A on my African American literature paper! This paper was so challenging for me so I am so proud of myself and so pleasantly surprised!
  • I ate dinner at the dining commons with Chris and Sabrina–SOOOOO delicious! Chicken parmesan, a taco bowl, and cereal for dessert (my fave way to end a meal).
  • And after dinner, I came home and worked at the kitchen table for a while and finally feel like I know what I need to do tomorrow. WOOHOO!

Overall today I just feel so happy and motivated and driven to continue to work hard for the rest of the week. As soon as I am done writing this post I am going to do some studying for Chinese (my final is this Saturday!!) and then go to bed. And tomorrow I am spending the whole day at the library, but I feel pretty excited! I will pack a lunch and plenty of snacks and eat dinner in the dining commons again — bless you, off-campus meal plan!!

Here’s to tackling finals week (which for me, usually feels like it lasts two weeks because of all my papers and my early language finals LOL). And if you’re also taking finals soon, hang in there !

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