Day 62

Day 62

SO often when I am under times of stress I can get so down on myself. I begin to doubt myself, to put myself down, and to spend more energy feeling low than trying to uplift myself. These instances of feeling low do not last for more than a day, or even a few hours or 30 minutes, but when they do, they don’t feel good.

And that is why I am writing this post today, to remind myself that these feelings go happen but they do not HAVE to happen, and they sure aren’t inevitable.

When I am stressing or feeling overwhelmed, it is so easy to feel “not good enough” or less than I actually am. But it should be equally as easy to feel strong, intelligent, and powerful. Those are the feelings I should be spreading throughout my mind and heart, not the bad ones.

I do believe that this mostly happens in times of stress, but I should be constantly giving myself positive reminders and affirmations, not just about the world around me but about myself as well. I truly love myself and I am learning to put myself first, but that cannot just be carried out in actions when I am feeling great. The most important time to love myself and give myself the care I deserve is when I don’t feel right.

So, Bailee, if you are reading this in the future, know that I love you. And know you are strong and smart and courageous and you can tackle everything life gives you. And even when you start to feel down and not anything positive in those small moments, stop right there and think to yourself about what you are doing, and then change it.

Life is about the moments, good and bad and everything in between, and here is me loving mine, no matter how I feel in each one.

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