Day 63

Day 63

I think about the Law of Attraction so much, but especially today.

As I wrote about yesterday, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was so stressed out, I had an attitude, I was letting everything and anything get to me and bother me — it wasn’t fun. And today, when I got up and lived my day in (almost entirely) a great mood, I thought of how different yesterday could have been if I had my mind on the Law of Attraction instead of feeling preoccupied with little stresses.

So today, I lived my life. I was happy, I got stressed at times but realized when I did and worked to change it, and I got a lot of studying done. I spent time with friends and bought my boyfriend a new computer mouse. Something odd happened to me and I am trying to figure out if it is a sign from the universe (but isn’t everything?). It was a very nice Sunder-that-didn’t-feel-like-a-Sunday.

And I am writing this because I hope that you reading this also understand the Law of Attraction and also know where I am coming from. What you put out into the universe is exactly what you will get back in. Kindness, love, happiness, hope–these are all sustainable emotions and positive actions that will come back to you if you put them out there. And the opposite feelings of negativity will continue to come to you if you continue to feel them. How we feel is all about perspective, and if we switch our mindset around, we can have days that are so much better.

I truly believe that things happen because we will them to. I will not worry about being currently unemployed. I will focus on my grades, my health, applying for jobs for after graduation, and my relationships. I will send positive energy to all these aspects of my life that I want to focus on.  That is what I try to tell myself every day, but especially during times when I realize that I am thinking negative thoughts or getting down on myself. This truly helped me today in particular.

Think positively, breathe deeply, and send love and light into the world.

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