Day 64

Day 64

Today was one of those days that was productive and also pleasant, stressful yet not absolutely overwhelming.

I am right smack in the middle of my finals right now and things have gotten pretty hectic, but I know I need to sleep or else I will just be staying up far too late tonight and I feel like I am at a good stopping point for the evening,  as far as my studies go.

But tonight, as far as what comes to mind with what I am grateful for, I am so happy to have so many study buddies, namely Chris and Sabrina, but everyone else I happen to study with sometimes, too. Even if we are sitting in silence on a quiet floor of the library or at my kitchen table, it is so nice to be around someone else who is just as committed to school as I am.

Sending happy thoughts and productive vibes to all my fellow college students out there, whether you are reading this or not! xoxo

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