Day 67

Day 67

WOOOHOOO officially done with finals and officially 1/3 of the way through SENIOR YEAR! that’s pretty crazy to think about but it sure feels good to be done with the stress. my winter break is A MONTH LONG this year and i intend to make the most of it!!

(i am just so excited so there may be typos in this post but i just want to fill you in on everything that has been going on!)

so I have been studying super hard the past few days. I already got my grade back for Chinese and i feel pretty good about it. it is higher than last quarter and as long as i am improving, i consider that great! i definitely want to make sure i practice my chinese this month so i will need to talk with chris every day in chinese to make sure i remember what i learned. that can be hard at times but i am sure if i make it a routine and stick to it, all will be well !

second final was for my African American literature class. this course was pretty difficult and the readings for the second half of the quarter were very challenging for me. but i studied as best as I could and i don’t think the final went poorly at all. i am eager to find out what my grade will be overall but i am trying not to dwell on it because this course was difficult and i am proud of myself for taking it. i really did learn a lot and the professor was such a good lecturer that it made attending class enjoyable.

my last final was today and i could not be more thrilled to be done. it was for my favorite class of the quarter, medieval literature, and boy was that final hard. there were a couple questions that i had to guess on but i made sure to answer anything and even filled out a few extra credit questions just to see if i could manage to get a few extra points here and there. i definitely think my essay was the strongest section of the final so i feel very good about that. and when i turned it in i just felt so accomplished and good.

i emailed my work to my thesis advisor (the last “class” i took this quarter) and although i wish we could meet this week to discuss it, our schedules just didn’t match up. but next quarter is the second half of the thesis project — the writing portion!! — so i am sure i have so much more to learn and my advisor has so much more advice he can offer me. although this project is challenging i have no regrets taking it on and i think it is something that will truly prepare me for graduate school, once i decide when i want to go and what i want to study.

and tonight was just great because I watched christmas movies in my room and made chris and i some hot cocoa and just was so lazy and relaxed and i just loved it. and tomorrow we get to go to ventura and fully embrace the christmas spirit!!! it is honestly the best time of the year and i am so happy that i get to spend it with chris again, only this time with my family!

yay i hope everyone had a wonderful day. if you read this far, i am so grateful for you ❤

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