Day 69

Day 69

Today I am very grateful for my grandpa.

I had such a wonderful day. We drove down to San Juan Capistrano to visit my grandpa, and while the drive was long and mostly okay, it was an overall great experience to get to see him again. We live hours apart so every time we visit San Juan it is always a treat, especially when we go during the holidays.

There were parts of today that were slow, parts that went on a bit, but it was still such a great experience to get to be here, especially since I could tell how happy it made my grandpa. I could also tell that, despite his nerves at times, my brother had a nice time here, as well. We are all staying in a little hotel for the night and I love that our rooms are adjoining so we can all chat and keep up with each other.

We ate yummy Mexican food for lunch and an early seafood dinner. The food was delicious at both places and I am so happy about that. I absolutely loved the clam chowder and clam strips that Chris and I shared at dinner; we ate at the harbor and it was such a neat atmosphere, too.

In the evening my brother, Chris, and I all watched the boat parade of lights at the harbor. It was so funny because I know that if my mom and my grandpa were with us, we would have gotten there a bit earlier and stayed for the entire parade until it finished. But of course, because it was just the three of us, we were so relaxed about it and found a pretty good spot where my grandpa said to go, but we only stayed for around 20 or 30 minutes before we were tired and kind of just wanted to go back to our rooms and relax. But nonetheless, we all still had a nice night. We drank hot cocoa and I got Shaun an ice cream, we took some pictures, and I could tell that we all enjoyed walking throughout the harbor and looking at the beautiful Christmas lights. There was live music and the atmosphere was so Christmassy and delightful.

Today was so sweet and quirky and charming, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I loved driving around town with my grandpa, but I also loved spending time at the hotel and relaxing with my brother and Chris. It was simply a lovely day. I am so happy that I got to spend this time with my family and Chris told me how happy he is to be included. Super super grateful for my grandpa and for my mom for always making sure we made time to spend with him. ❤

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