Day 70

Day 70

Woohoo! 70 days of gratitude so far. That’s over two months and I am feeling so good about it. I love how much this journalling process has helped me to reflect on the small parts of my days and life rather than the large parts. It really allows me to focus on what makes me happy or nervous or anything and still allows me to come away from writing knowing that tomorrow is a new day. I love that.

Back in Ventura now and it feels good. I am glad Chris is here with me and we shared some special moments with my brother today. We cooked up a yummy pasta wonderpot for dinner and enjoyed some relaxation in my room all evening. I have a feeling we will be relaxing a lot this week–I get my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I’m pretty pumped to be spending so much time at home over the next few days. It is really nice to be able to take things slow after all the hustle of finals week. Grades are slowly getting published and for now it is just the waiting game, so it’s great to be able to get my mind off of school and finally relax without the stress.

I am eager for it to just be tomorrow afternoon so that the wisdom teeth surgery will be over! Honestly I shouldn’t be so nervous about it, but eh, I can’t help it. Oh well !

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