Day 72

Day 72

Today is day two of wisdom teeth recovery and it has been good and bad. I am going to try to write this post quickly because for some reason I got really nauseous a little bit ago and I am not sure why, but my brain is telling me to just sleep it off so that’s what I am about to do.

Super thankful for mashed potatoes today because that’s basically all I have eaten, although I am definitely getting sick of them and tomorrow I think I will go to Jamba Juice and get myself a smoothie because I am in desperate need of something fruity a delicious other than applesauce.

In other news, Christopher and I just bought our Disneyland tickets for next week and we are PUMPED! We are so excited to spend a day there together for the holidays because Chris has never experienced Disney at Christmas and I haven’t done it in over 10 years, so it’s sure to be a real treat.

I also applied for more post-grad jobs today so here’s hoping I get some good feedback! My goal for this winter break is to apply for at least one job per day, whenever I can. Statistically speaking I should get at least one interview from submitting 30 apps….right?

Chris is also volunteering tomorrow so send him some well wishes because he is a bit nervous! And after we plan on going to happy hour at a Japanese restaurant (I will of course pretty much only be eating miso soup, but I am not upset about it because I LOVE miso soup) and then we are going to Target, which is great because they are having a sweater sale and I just really want a new cozy cute sweater.

Ah. I think overall I am just very thankful to be in Ventura during this time because 1) I love my family and being at home for the holidays gives me the warm fuzzies inside, 2) I am recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction and it really helps to be in the comfort of my Ventura home, and 3) I just love Ventura.

ttfn, peeps. If you have any tips for a soon-to-be college grad applying for jobs, a person slowly recovering from her wisdom teeth in need of food suggestions, or if you just want to say hello, I am here!

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