Day 75

Day 75

I have been applying to jobs all week and it definitely feels like a lot of pressure. But I am also very happy because I can’t just send in resumes and hope for the best — I have to make sure that my cover letters reflect who I am in relation to the kind of person the companies are looking for. And that’s not easy.

But today while I was applying to a position at a startup company, there was one last box at the end of the application that said to write something that is unique, something that will make them notice me, in 150 characters or less. So I wrote that I am a first-generation college graduate whose life has not always been easy, but I continue to go after my goals wherever life takes me (or something that made a little more sense than that). And I think that was really cool that they allowed for a space for something like that. Believe it or not, it was actually the most difficult part of the application. Now I can just hope for the best !

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