Day 79

Day 79

I had a wonderful morning with Lindsay and Chris today. It really meant a lot to me for the three of us to hang out together with no problem (meaning nobody felt like a third wheel haha). Chris and Lindsay get along great and it was so enjoyable !

We tried Beacon Coffee in Ojai…not the best place, but the atmosphere was really cute. We all just weren’t too satisfied with what we ordered. And for lunch we went to Spencer McKenzie’s, which was awesome of course. We all ordered the exact same thing (a shrimp and fish burrito) and we were all super satisfied, which made up for the bummer of a cafe date.

It just goes to show that sometimes a morning with a sweet friend and your boyfriend can put you in the greatest mood. I just loved spending time with two people whom I love so much. Lindsay and I always get together whenever I am home and it was great to see my school-world (Chris and I met at UCSB) and my Ventura-world mix like that. They almost don’t even feel that separate anymore.

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