Day 81

Day 81

We volunteered again this morning, which was a bit slower but we were still able to contribute to the housing project. It was rewarding again and Chris and I both left the construction site knowing that this won’t be our last time working with Habitat for Humanity.


Then, we were off to Disney!


We are staying the night at a little motel just a 10-minute walk away from Downtown Disney, where we spent two hours this evening. We ate dinner at the Jazz Kitchen Express and ended up eating most of each other’s meal: I ordered the gumbo and Chris got the jambalaya. It was so nice to spend time with each other so intimately yet amid the Disney crowds. We walked throughout World of Disney and Chris bought us sweet treats at the Grand Californian Hotel. I had the best Gingerbread cookie ever. Seriously.


We are sleeping early tonight and I don’t have very good internet, so I am writing this post on Word. Much love and super excited for tomorrow—we are waking up bright and early for the park!



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